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Best Bike Shops Riverside San Barnardino Paved Trails Your Area

Over the next few minutes we will be taking you on a deep dive into everything about biking in Riverside and San Bernardino. Whether you are looking to buy a new bike, for trails to explore, or want info on motorcycling this post should have plenty to help you out.

We will kick this baby off by listing the best bicycle shops in your area because they probably will help more of our readers out than any other section. These stores should sell all kinds of standard pedal and electric bikes in addition to helmets and other gear that you may need.

You will also learn about the best off-road and paved bike trails in Riverside and San Bernardino if you are just looking for some new scenery to explore. As the post goes on we will pivot more towards motorcycle and scooter stores near you, as well as some local parts, gear, rental, and repair shops.

Towards the end we will have a map so you can figure out which spot is closest to your current location, and you are all welcome to check out more of our blogs about other cities in the region right there if you are interested.

Best Bike Shops In Riverside & San Bernardino

Whether you need to buy a new bike in your area, get a helmet, or need some repairs done one of these stores should be able to help you out:

Jenson USA is an independent, rider-owned bike shop that sells high-quality bicycles and electric bicycles, as well as components, accessories, and clothing.

Stacked BMX Shop is a family-friendly cycling shop that sells a broad range of bicycles and electric bicycles, as well as components, accessories, and gear. They also provide a wide range of bicycle repair services.

Don’s Bicycles sell hundreds of bicycles, parts, accessories, and clothing, as well as offering exceptional service, reasonable rates, and a desire to assist individuals of all ages accomplishes their riding aspirations.

Best Local Bike Trails

These Riverside & San Bernardino bike trails are great places to go cycling around the region:

  • Rosanna Scott Memorial Bicycle Trail
  • Santa Ana River Trail
  • Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park
  • Challen Hill Park Outer Loop
  • Mount Rubidoux Trailhead
  • Bailey Canyon
  • Perris Hill Park

The Rosanna Scott Memorial Bicycle Route is a 23.5-kilometer back trail with neighboring parks.

The Santa Ana River Trail is 20.6 kilometers long and seldom used.

The Sycamore Canyon Park Trail is 5.6 miles long and follows a hilly trail.

Challen Hill Park Outer Circle is a 1.9-kilometer loop mountainous path with moderate traffic.

Mount Rubidoux Route is a 5.1-kilometer circle trail with paved surfaces and moderate hills.

Bailey Canyon Path is a 31.7-kilometer out-and-back trail with moderate traffic. Hiking and off-road driving are popular activities on the trail.

Perris Hill Park is 0.9 mile long and features hilly sections.

Motorcycle & Repair Shops Near You

Best Motorcycle Shops Riverside San Bernardino Bike Repair Near You

Any of these motorcycle shops should be a good option when you need to buy a new one, are trying to find new parts and gear, or need a mechanic that can do repairs:

Malcolm Smith Motor Sports has a large selection of motorcycles and other vehicles from top manufacturers like as Polaris Industries, Can-Am, and Honda. They also sell original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components, clothing, and accessories.

BMW Motorcycles of Riverside is an authorized BMW shop that sells new and used motorcycles and scooters as well as original BMW components. They also offer a BMW Motorcycle repair shop.

Riverside Harley-Davidson has the world’s biggest new Harley motorbike inventory, a renowned authorized Harley service center, authentic Harley parts, aftermarket accessories, motor clothes, gifts, home décor items, and much more.

Cycle Gear is the nation’s leading store of motorcycle clothes, parts, and accessories, supporting all types of riders and offering the industry’s finest customer service. Cycle Gear is usually open from 10am to 7pm, but closes at 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

1down is a biker supply store that specializes in Harley Davidson servicing and maintenance. They also offer motorcycles, motorcycle clothes, parts, and accessories.

Chaparral Motorsports sells a diverse range of motorcycle OEM parts, accessories, and gear for all sorts of riders. They also sell new and secondhand motorcycles from well-known manufactures.

Big Bear Performance is a motorcycle parts store that sells high performance suspension and components for Harley Davidson, Baggers, FXRs, and Dyna motorcycles.

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Have Fun Cycling In Riverside & San Bernardino

Well guys, for now that is all we have to share but check back in the future because we will be updating this blog often. After reading about all of those local bike shops, trails, and places to buy motorcycles or get repairs near you things should be a lot clearer.

Don’t be afraid to use the comments to let us know if we got anything incorrect or to share any tips or tricks you might have on the scene here. Now go have fun buying a new bike or motorcycle at a shop or cruising around one of the trails in your area.

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