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Today we will be breaking down the Montreal biking scene. If you are looking to buy a new bike, for trails to explore, or want to learn about motorcycling in your area everything should be a lot clearer within a few short minutes.

The best bicycle shops will be where we begin since they should help the most of you out. They will be a great place to buy a new pedal or electric bike near you in addition to helmets and other gear.

The best off-road and paved bike trails in Montreal will also get a shout out for anyone that wants to go for a ride right now. After all of that is out of the way we will move onto where to buy motorcycles and scooters in addition to some local parts, gear, rental, and repair shops.

Towards the end there will be a map with all of the various places we are mentioning pinned and all of our posts around Canada can be found at that link if you are curious.

Best Bike Shops In Montreal

You can buy a new bike, get a helmet, or get some repairs at one of these shops near you:

Bicycles Eddy has been a bicycle specialist since 1946, repairing all kinds of bicycles.

Cycle Néron Montréal is a stylish store that sells bicycles, gear, and equipment, as well as maintenance services.

C&L Cycle Villeneuve manufactures lightweight bicycles and offers bespoke, local, and specialty components and accessories, tune-ups, repairs, and individual parts.

BicyclesMcW is a long-standing bicycle shop that offers a diverse range of types and brands, as well as spares and accessories.

Vélo 2000 sells and repairs hybrid, road, and mountain bikes, as well as having over 1,200 Louis Garneau products and bicycle repair and maintenance workshops.

Cycle Paul is a store for cyclists searching for the best equipment, advice and service.

Bicycles Quilicot Laval is a cycling shop that sells mountain, road, and electric bikes, as well as accessories and maintenance.

Bob Cyclo is the greatest bicycle repair store, and it provides a wide variety of kinds and brands, as well as expert advice for each bicycle purchase.

Cycle Néron is a modern retailer that sells bicycles, clothes, and equipment, as well as maintenance and repair.

Primeau Vélo is a business that sells bicycles for a variety of riders, as well as components, accessories, and clothing, and also a comprehensive range of maintenance handled by highly skilled mechanics.

Oberson is a business that sells ski, snowboard, cycling, and inline skating equipment, as well as bicycle tune-ups and repairs.

Vélo St-Joseph is a well-established cycling business that sells bikes for the entire family as well as clothes, accessories, and bicycle repair and maintenance.

Bicycles Quilicot Terrebonne is a bicycle shop that sells mountain, road, and electric bikes, as well as accessories and repairs.

Best Local Bike Trails

Montreal bike trails are great places to go cycling on a sunny day:

  • Place des Bassins Trail
  • Parc Jean-Drapeau
  • Visitation Nature Park
  • Parc Michel-Chartrand Trail in Longueuil
  • Parc Marie-Victorin in Longueuil
  • Terra Cotta Park in Pointe-Claire
  • Parc Bernard-Landry trail in Laval
  • Parc Radisson Trail in Brossard

Place des Bassins is a 13.5-kilometer urban path that connects the historic port to Lake Saint-Louis, a navigable river interrupted by five locks.

Parc Jean-Drapeau features a safe bike link, a well-maintained defined track of approximately 14 kilometers that is exclusively for bicycles.

Visitation Nature Park offers a 4.3-mile circular trail that is typically regarded an easy route and takes an average of 1 hour and 23 minutes to complete.

Parc Michel-Chartrand Trail is designated as a regional park, with over 20 kilometers of bike lanes and an ecological trail crisscrossing this urban forest.

Parc Marie-Victorin is a relaxed neighborhood green park featuring a 7-kilometer bike route, a picnic space, a children’s playground, and walking paths.

Parc Terra-Cotta is a 40-hectare woodland park with 6 kilometers of bicycling and hiking trails, as well as birds and other species.

Parc Bernard-Landry trail is a forested natural park with a 5 km bike trail, jogging paths, workout stations, a pond, and community activities.

Parc Radisson Trail has a 17-kilometer cycling route as well as a drinking fountain and public bathrooms.

Motorcycle & Repair Shops In Your Area

Best Motorcycle Shops Montreal Bike Repair Near You

A motorcycle shop is where to head when you need to buy a new one, are trying to find new parts and gear, or are searching for a high quality mechanic to do repairs:

Moto Montreal Cycle is a family-owned company with over 40 years of experience in the British motorcycle industry. They provide a full professional mechanical service.

CMR Customs Harley-Davidson is a motorcycle supply company specializing in engine, wheel, body, and electrical parts, as well as accessories and custom builds.

Moto Guzzi Vespa Montréal is a trendy showroom that sells its eponymous European scooters, as well as clothes and riding accessories.

Laval MOTO is a large motorcycle store that sells brand-name new and used bikes, accessories, and clothes, as well as providing excellent technical support.

Prémont Harley-Davidson Laval sells the iconic American motorbike brand, as well as merchandise and motorcycle maintenance.

Scooter Bazoo is a small, bright motorbike business that offers a variety of scooters as well as rental choices and more.

Excel Moto sells new and secondhand scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, and mechanical items.

Léo Harley-Davidson provides a famed brand of American bikes, as well as motorcycle gear, repairs, and maintenance.

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Have Fun Cycling In Montreal

We plan to update this post often so check back in the future. Each of those local bike shops, trails, and places to buy motorcycles or mechanics that do repairs near you are ready whenever you need them.

If we happened to post anything that is incorrect or that has become dated or if you want to share any tips or tricks of your own use the comments to let us know. Now go have fun buying a new bike or motorcycle at a shop or cruising around one of the trails in your area.

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